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Salmon & Tripe Complete


55 % Whole Fish And Organ, 30% Tripe / 15% Veggies
Whole Pacific wild salmon, beef tripe, beef heart, beef liver, chard*, squash*, zucchini*, celery*, lettuce*, probiotic (lactobacillus casei K9-1, lactobacillus fermentum K9-2, beet root, chamomile, fennel).

*Certified organic

**This meal contains ground bones ? DO NOT COOK

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Salmon, Tripe and Veggie meals are made from wild caught pacific whole salmon, beef tripe, beef organs and organic vegetables. Although the combination of salmon and tripe is an offensive smell to humans, it?s incredibly nutritious for your dog!

No additives, preservatives or fillers.


Red Dog Blue Kat

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1 lb, 1/2 lb


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